What are your business hours?
All games are per reservation only. Please call for special request.
What kind of groups is this game appropriate for?
Excape games are recommended for persons aged 12 and up. Our games are created for anyone interested in intellectual challenges, and are suitable for dates, hangouts with friends and family, or even as a team building exercise for organizations. If you are under 18, you must have a parent or guardian sign your waiver. Children 8 and under are free to participate.
I have never done this before. How do I know what to do?
No worries! Previous game experience is not required. Before the start of the game, your host will help familiarize your group with instructions and strategies to solve the puzzles.
What happens at the end of the game?
At the end, your host will walk you and your group through any unsolved puzzles. We will ask about your experience with the game and then take your group photo, which will be posted on our Facebook page. We can also tag you if you'd like!
Can I use the restroom during the game?
​Yes, you are free to go in and out of the puzzle room. However, to limit disruption during the session, all participants are encouraged to use the restroom before the start of the game.  
Do I have to book a whole team of 8 to play?
Booking a team of 8 is not necessary, but to balance the difficulty, we require that you play in groups of 4 to 8 people. All games are private, you won't be playing with another group.
How much are the tickets? Are tickets refundable?
All sales are final. Online bookings are to be paid in full.
$25 per person
What is the minimum and maximum of players allowed? 
Minimum of 4 players, and maximum of 8. Please call for questions. 
Where do I book my tickets?
We currently accept reservations only. You can book a game by clicking the links above or go to https://bookeo.com/theexcapeadventure
Our company wants to hold a team building event. Can you help?
The Excape Adventure is all about teamwork, so it makes for a great team-building activity. Feel free to book a game of 8 during any open slot. If you have specific needs, please inquire for more information at support@theexcape.com or text us at 209-565-4242. Discount available for company, non-profit, school, and church events etc.
Are private parties allowed? 
​Yes! if you have a group of 8+, or 4 or less and would like to book the entire room, please contact us for details.
What if I want to book a game outside of your times?
For private party booking outside of business hours, please contact us at support@theexcape.com, or text/call 209-565-4242.
What if I have more than 8 that wants to join?
We accept private party of 8+ reservations, but only under certain circumstances. Please note that our rooms have limited space- groups consisting of more than 8 people may crowd the room or make the game too easy. Please contact us for more information.
What if I am late?
​Communication is important. Generally, join-ins are not allowed after the game has begun, but we can make exceptions depending on the arrival time. You do not need to arrive too early. The host will meet you at the time of your reservation.
What is the duration of the game?
​The game lasts 60 minutes, and the duration of your visit will estimate 90 minutes.
Will there be prizes if I escape within 1 hour? 
There will not be any prizes for completing the rooms. Our escape games are all about the fun experience!